Business Modernization and Supply Chain Optimization in a digitized ecosystem


Solving complex business problems with undefined parameters.

Are you solving the right problems?

Are you looking to…
1. Identify business issues you are facing
2. Enhance user experience across the supply chain
3. Monetize excess materials across operations
4. Update and integrate your supply chain management

Workshops are focused on sustainability, resource optimization growth and operation modernization.

Workshops vary greatly based on client objectives, duration, number of attendees, and type of engagement. We work with each client to build a program tailored to their needs, identifying the key concepts and principles for each specific group of attendees.

Duration for these programs can be a half day, full day, or multi-day sessions dependent on client objectives, availability, and budget.

Half day programs typically includes a 2-3 hour briefing plus a 1-2 hour interactive Q&A session (specific exercises and breakout sessions as needed). Full day programs entail 6-7 hours total, including 4-5 hours of briefing and 2-3 hours of interactive Q&A or exercises as determined by Resultant group and the Client.

Complexity and sustainability are popping up on the radars of corporations all around the world.

Corporations need a simple and clear label if they want to please shareholders, investors and other stakeholders.


  • Understanding the value chain complexity, growth, environmental and sustainability eco-system
  • Understanding the value chain complexity, growth, environmental and sustainability eco-system
  • Mapping and documenting value chain connectivity and processes
  • Managing the gaps  identified
  • Analyzing viability through complexity management
  • Demonstrating “Societies as Viable Systems: Complexity Management and Sustainability”
  • Rethinking sustainable development
  • Envisioning solutions for the required societal transition



To help improve performance and growth by solving problems and improving efficiencies, all within an accountable, transparent and flexible frame.


To move your sustainability, compliance and waste management from a costs center to an opportunity for growth and revenue generation across all business functions.

Supporting your move to sustainable and circular operations







Serving And Learning Together

Serving And Long-term Thinking

Senior Advisory Leadership Team

The new economy is shared and circular. And that is the last thing bankers will understand. Economists are theorists. Bankers are bureaucrats.

Companies for Zero Waste and ResultantGroup are realists.

The new economy has to be revolutionized. A circular (closed loop) and shared economy is the way of the future.



Our target audiences

Senior level decision makers and industry influencers:

  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, quarrying, oil and gas
  • Energy, renewables, waste management• Transportation and construction
  • Municipal government, agencies and NGO partners
  • Provincial government, agencies and NGO partners
  • First Nations Band leaders
  • Tourism, recreation and hospitality support services sector

Meet Dave

Our workshops encourage a culture of innovation and communication that is customized for you and will be facilitated by our global expert in zero waste and supply chain optimization—Dave Gajadhar.

Dave is an advisor across Regulated Industries, Government, Tourism, Manufacturing, Human and Health Services. He develops and implements business strategies, policy changes, sustainability practices and generative growth with enabling technologies, efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Dave supports business modernization with emerging technologies to enable sustainability, socioeconomic outcomes and generative growth., and is known for delivering talks that combine culture, human behaviors, socio-economics, psychology, and technology with current events, personal anecdote, and historical precedent—effortlessly transliterating the complex issues of technology out of the abstract and into operations.

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