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Impact Podcast with John Shegerian


Impact Podcast with John Shegerian
Hosted by John Shegerian

For the Impact Podcast with John Shegerian, John has interviewed over 1000 guests who all share in common a passion for making our world a better place. 

Recent Impact Podcast guests have included leaders from Verizon, Best Buy, General Motors, JetBlue, Comerica Bank, Beyond Meat, Nikola Motor, and a number of fascinating thought leaders and game-changers, including softball legend and ESPN baseball anchor Jessica Mendoza; Good Day LA’s Maria Quiban; PTSD treatment pioneer and founder of MAPS, Dr. Rick Doblin; ultra-endurance athlete and author Rich Roll; British Special Forces veteran and two-time world record breaking athlete Dean Stott; author and music industry legend Mathew Knowles; legendary actor Ed Asner; trailblazing civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom; Super Bowl champion Ryan Harris; leading cybersecurity expert Kate Fazzini; and many more.

Supply Chain Next #20
Hosted by Richard Donaldson

One of the best kept secrets in business is that pursuing environmental and social benefits through supply chain efficiency can often be good for your bottom line. On episode 20 of Supply Chain Next, Scott Donachie and Daniel Robin talk with host Richard Donaldson about fostering the circular economy, sustainability and the pursuit of zero waste in supply chain—all while improving profitability. Scott Donachie is the president and founder of Companies for Zero Waste, an organization that helps companies transition to low-carbon and zero waste operations while driving profitability. It also host sustainability events and a popular networking group. Daniel Robin is a senior managing partner of In3 Group, an investment firm that funds projects that deliver social and/or sustainability benefits as well as profits.

Circular Economy with Rheaply's Garr Punnett
Hosted by Alissa Stevens

Join Alissa as she and Rheaply’s Garr Punnett discuss how the circular economy is important for consumers, the supply chain challenges to the circular economy and how all of us can adopt a more circular mindset day to day today.

Food Is Not Trash with World Wildlife Fund’s Pete Pearson
Hosted by Alissa Stevens

In partnership with Alissa’s new podcast partner, CZW – Companies for Zero Waste – Alissa and guest Pete Pearson, Senior Director of Food Loss & Waste for the World Wildlife Fund delve into the state of the food system, which affects individuals and businesses alike, and discuss ways we can all optimize our food resources for a better bottom line and a healthier planet. Food is an aspect of sustainability that affects every human being every single day, so it’s crucial that we continue to discuss and learn how we can approach food in a way that produces less waste and ultimately saves us money. Let’s #getreal!

Susanne Stormer Novo Nordisk
Hosted by Dave Gajadhar

On this podcast our host Dave Gajadhar of ResultantGroupCompanies for Zero Waste has the honor of speaking with our special guest Susanne Stormer, Chief Sustainability Advisor, Vice President at Novo Nordisk. Susanne sets direction for Novo Nordisk to be a leader with high and forward-looking standards for driving a sustainable business and documenting progress. This role involves external representation and stakeholder engagement on current and emerging sustainability issues, trendspotting and insights, strategic advice to the executive management team and support in embedding an ambitious sustainability agenda across the broader organisation.

Doreen Harris NYSERDA
Hosted by Dave Gajadhar

Join ResultantGroup, Companies for Zero Waste and our special guest Doreen M. Harris, acting President and CEO of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), as they discuss how the energy sector is reacting to covid and how the industry will be moving forward. You don’t want miss this one!


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