Zero Waste east

September 24-25, 2019

NJII Agile Center at N.J.I.T. Campus
323 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Blvd
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Our Mission

To achieve the sustainable development goals in reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change we must work together. We don’t need a handful of people doing Zero Waste perfectly. We need corporations, policymakers and people changing imperfectly!

It means eliminating the concept of “waste” and recognizing everything has a value, moving from efficiency to effectiveness in managing inputs and outputs, and forging a much deeper bond with consumers.

  • Realize there is no one “right” answer for every company and carefully choose your business model.
  • Make sure you can access key enabling technologies to support and scale your new business model.
  • Develop capabilities that effectively deploy and operate circular economy principles.

Zero Waste East- The event’s focus

Zero Waste East attracts thought leaders from the North East of the U.S. with circular economy success stories, waste prevention innovations, local and global perspectives as the shift to waste prevention and a circular economy continues to gain momentum.

The Zero Waste East Conference finds the balance between theory and action, demonstrating the event’s core message – the journey to a circular economy is already underway and according to Accenture $4.5 Trillion will move into the new circular economy by 2030.


Zero Waste Events helps clients engage with and market to desired audiences. That work leverages the brands, content expertise, audience reach and the logo of Zero Waste Events and logos of other sponsors/partners.

The marketing services we provide our clients include branding and audience engagement opportunities at our live in-person meetings.

Advertising on our digital platforms—primarily through our website, e-mail newsletter and social media channels. Live events and digital content assets that are customized to support clients’ specific marketing and communications objectives All of our products and services are created and delivered according to our company’s core principles of accuracy, fairness, transparency, and independence. To help our audiences, sponsors, and team members understand how we bring these core values to life across the range of our work, we have adopted the guidelines that follow. While we cannot anticipate every circumstance that may arise, these are intended to articulate the standards that guide our decisions and work We create live in-person and online events as Zero Waste Events.

Core Principles Quality: Our events strive to bring high-quality discussions with policymakers and influential industry leaders to professional audiences. When appropriate, we include the expertise and knowledge of our advisory board.

Fairness and balance: Panelists and speakers are encouraged to engage in open dialogue during our events, and speakers and attendees should expect content that is compelling, thought-provoking, regionally relevant, and rigorously researched. We provide a 360-degree view of newsworthy issues, economics in a format appropriate to the program and reflecting the current state of public discourse on the circular economy.

Independence: Our programming team maintains final editorial control over the live events we produce, including all related printed and digital content assets. While we are happy to consider a sponsor’s thematic input, our team and advisory board makes the final decisions on how to present topics, speakers, and other event components.

Diversity: Our programming team is committed to bringing forward a variety of perspectives and we strive to create an inclusive event that invites participation from people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientation. All programming segments that have more than two participants, including the moderator, will include at least one woman in the segment.