Companies for Zero Waste was founded in January 2019 to shake things up in the waste industry. Our research showed experienced professionals were frustrated with the inability to achieve rapid progress or even keep pace with global changes in waste management.

Our mission is to drive investments into waste innovation by bringing together policymakers, corporations, waste experts and investors.

The end goal is for everyone is to recognize the tremendous ROI in the waste industry post National Sword.

Companies For Zero Waste is the central hub for policy changes, innovation and strategic investments.

Our motto at Companies for Zero Waste is “Words are good, Actions are better”

Companies For Zero Waste Advisory Services

We are the Advisors, Educators and Implementation experts on sustainability, waste and corporate supply chain optimization.

Waste Challenges Facing Governments and Corporations

The UN has set standards for corporations and organizations to implement processes, educate and transition their employees to sustainability and waste mitigation.

The cost of waste is steadily increasing, organizations are throwing out excess material as waste, as a result they are throwing out money with the trash.


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