Scott Donachie

President & Founder

Scott founded Companies for Zero Waste with a vision of catalyzing a greater pace of innovation by connecting leaders in sustainability, investors, and the government to advance the movement towards zero waste goals without sacrificing profitability.

Scott brings 25 years of experience working as a trader on NASDAQ, raising capital for funds in impact investing and running three successful start ups in food distribution, technology and waste diversion. Scott launched Companies for Zero Waste after researching and discovering  that his home state of New Jersey had over four hundred dormant landfills. Where was this waste going and how could we capture and repurpose materials? The business has grown exponentially over the last three years globally and will continue to expand and reinvest. 

Advisory Board

Kelly Sarber
CEO of Strategic Management Group

Kelly Sarber is CEO of Strategic Management Group and a business development consultant for EnCap Investment’s Energy Transition fund.  Sarber is an industry insider who is respected for her ability to guide companies and projects in complicated transactions geared to private equity investment with a deep network of corporate management teams and stakeholders. With more than $5Bill of asset value created around the country, Sarber operates at the nexus of energy, waste, and water with a development focus today primarily on greenfield utility scale solar and energy storage projects.  She is responsible for developing the 3.2GW solar project linked to Starwood Energy’s Ten West Link. (the nation’s largest renewable project currently in development), and has several large, utility scale energy storage projects at various stages of development in NY and CA.

In 2012, Sarber successfully transitioned her skill set to developing renewable energy projects after many decades working in the solid waste and recycling industries including stints with WM, Synagro and Wheelabrator.  With hundreds of thousands of batteries and solar panels soon to be deployed on her projects, Sarber brings a waste-industry honed perspective to how the solar and battery industries can invest in infrastructure to addresses the need for a circular economy.

Mathy Stanislaus, Esq.
Interim Director at Global Battery Alliance (World Economic Forum)

Mr. Stanislaus is serving as Circular Economy Fellow at the World Resources Institute and Senior Advisor on the Platform for Accelerating Circular Economic Policy in partnership with the World Economic Forum. The platform consists of senior leaders of multinational corporations, national governments and international organizations partnering to co-design policy and financial mechanisms to address the acceleration of natural resource consumption that is driving environmental degradation.

He served as a senior political official for the Obama Administration, serving as the Assistant Administrator of the USEPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management, a US Senate confirmed position. At USEPA, Mr. Stanislaus led programs that revitalize communities through the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated, hazardous and solid waste materials management, chemical plant safety, oil spill prevention, and emergency response. He led the effort to advance the transition to a circular economy through a life-cycle based sustainable materials management approach as a key effort to advance climate change mitigation. Through this effort, he establish public-private partnerships with the food sector to achieve SDG 12’s goal of reduce food waste by 50% by 2030, with the electronics sector to drive 100% of used electronics recycled to certified recyclers and realignment of regulations to drive circularity in manufacturing. He represented the U.S. at G7 deliberations that led to the formation of the G7 Alliance for Resources Efficiency and the of G7 countries plus Netherlands and Korea with representatives of their manufacturers to identify best practices to advance resource efficiency and circular economy in the supply chain. He advanced President Obama’s Climate Action Plan by climate change strategies into the Office’s programs.

Mr. Stanislaus is an environmental lawyer and chemical engineer with over 15 plus years of experience in the environmental field in the private, and public sectors.

Tony Schifano
Founder and CEO of Antos Environmental

Tony Schifano, Founder and CEO of Antos Environmental, started his career in healthcare. His dedication and commitment to this industry began in the late 1970’s. While working in a NYC hospital in the mid 80’s he witnessed a unique moment in time, a perfect storm of events; the AIDS Epidemic, syringes & medical waste debris washing up on the shores of beaches, Dept of Sanitation workers getting punctured with needles at the landfill, and the CDC reacting with Universal Precautions. This created an unprecedented increase in medical waste volume never before seen in the history of the industry. Tony, led by an entrepreneurial spirit, quickly began a medical waste disposal company and began helping hospitals dispose of this enormous waste volume. However, he soon realized the potential savings through better waste management and started thinking of the internal management strategies which launched Antos in 1989. One of the first ‘green-minded’ waste reduction management companies, committed to reducing hospital waste and its associated costs, while developing a culture committed to sustainability at every level of the organization. For over 25 years Tony and his team have clearly defined this creative and innovative path that has set a mandate for living and business.

Daniel Robin
Founder & Managing Partners In3 Capital Group

Daniel Robin is founder and managing partner of In3 Capital Group, a leading impact investment and business development advisory firm, based in the Monterey Bay Area of California.  Mr. Robin has worked in the cleantech industry as venture catalyst, investor, coach and consultant since 1996, and as adjunct professor, conference chair, and workshop leader since 1985. 

Accredited by Moody’s Analytics with a certificate in Emerging Markets Finance (2012), Daniel’s company co-develops, packages and finances mid-market projects in key impact sectors worldwide.  Through a mandate from a US private family office, In3 arranges impact funding and partnerships on behalf of clients, mostly by referral and through In3’s network of Affiliate offices.

Daniel brings special training in project finance, venture capital, private equity, demand guarantee instruments, structured finance, and renewable energy (utility-scale solar and storage, small hydro, wind power, tidal/marine and waste-to-energy), ESG measures and reporting.  Daniel co-founded Renewables Investor Forum (RIF) and In3 Capital Partners LLC to accelerate renewables and infrastructure investments that can simultaneously create good jobs, alleviate poverty, restore ecosystems and eventually reverse climate change. 

In3 Group delivers a wide range of services including business plans, funding strategy, and advisory within our areas of experience, including with waste-to-value technologies such as pyrolysis and gasification, anaerobic digestion, industrial materials recovery facilities (MRFs), and municipal solid waste, biopolymers/bioplastics, agricultural inputs, sustainable food systems, regenerative agriculture / restorative ranching, water and other renewable resource management, health and wellness/nutraceuticals, green buildings, applied green chemistry, energy efficiency, and a range of EPC (engineering, procurement & construction) services.

The author of more than 200 published articles on investing, leading change, innovation for sustainability and workplaces, Mr. Robin completed his bachelor’s in Computer & Information Science from University of California, Santa Cruz, graduate studies in Marketing and International Business from University of California at Berkeley, and was an adjunct professor of strategy and management at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS, now Middlebury Institute at Monterey), Fisher International MBA program, and is a certified practitioner and trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programming.  He lives in Freedom, CA.

Andy Taylor
Commercial Director, Greentech

Andy is passionate about making the world better for the future of his two young boys. Andy is an experienced corporate executive with over 25 years in senior finance roles (Balfour Beatty, GE Capital, Westfield Group, and KPMG). With qualifications as a chartered accountant, a law degree and an MBA, he mentors Greentech’s portfolio clients on market entry strategy, project delivery and business management. Andy also plays an active role in marketing our client innovations to our network of multi-national companies.

About Greentech: Greentech are true impact investors with a portfolio of highly innovative sustainability technologies that are proven to deliver major ‘net zero’ outcomes. Our mission is to make the world better (today). We do this by providing our own investment capital in companies with genuine, market-ready eco-innovations, then partner with our clients to market their solutions to our global corporate network. We also support in managing their business for maximum impact. You can find out more at