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Scott Donachie

President & Founder

Scott founded Companies for Zero Waste with a vision of catalyzing a greater pace of innovation by connecting leaders in sustainability, investors, and the government to advance the movement towards zero waste goals without sacrificing profitability.

Scott brings 25 years of experience working with hedge funds, private equity, real estate, venture capital and has launched three successful start-ups.

– Scott Donachie- CEO and Founder, Companies for Zero Waste

Dave Gajadhar


Dave is an advisor across Regulated Industries, Government, Tourism, Manufacturing, Human and Health Services. Dave develops and implement business strategies, policy changes, sustainability practises and generative growth with enabling technologies, efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

Dave supports business modernization with emerging technologies to enable sustainability, socioeconomic outcomes and generative growth., and is known for delivering talks that combine culture, human behaviours, socio-economics, psychology, and technology with current events, personal anecdote, and historical precedent—effortlessly transliterating the complex issues of technology out of the abstract and into operations.

Companies For Zero Waste Workshops

We are the Advisors, Educators and Implementation experts on sustainability, waste and corporate supply chain optimization.

Waste Challenges Facing Governments and Corporations

The UN has set standards for corporations and organizations to implement processes, educate and transition their employees to sustainability and waste mitigation.

The cost of waste is steadily increasing, organizations are throwing out excess material as waste, as a result they are throwing out money with the trash.


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