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POST COVID-19 The Great Transformation to a Circular Economy
Re-design resource lifecycles so that materials are reused, making waste a valuable commodity. Discarded materials become assets that are recycled back into nature or to the marketplace.
Larger profit margins, smaller environmental impact. To achieve this we must align people, nature and emerging technologies.
That is what we do.

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Shifting From a Supply-Driven Economy
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Living and progressing with the understanding that, we cannot make everything fit into Green, Circular, Renewable or Sustainable!

By Dave GajadharCEO, Resultant Group The earth in undergoing continuous change and as a result we are experiencing a warming trend. We cannot change the climate; however, we can manage and optimize our resources, mitigate waste, emission and contamination. During this...

What value do start-ups add?

Start-ups that are driving corporations towards zero waste and greater profitability  With a flurry of new technologies coming to market to mitigate waste and optimize resources understanding what value start-ups can add is imperative. In such context, CZW has found...

So Much Food Waste!!!!

So much Food Waste!!!! Will we emerge with a sustainable supply chain? Should we go back to  the basics?   During the COVID-19 pandemic, the millions of tons of food wasted under government regulation is a direct result of poor planning and coordination and goes...

Post COVID-19 Resumption activities

Post COVID-19 Resumption activities: Aligning to what will be Vs what could be in a “Brave New World”!   COVID-19 is the greatest test that we have faced in recent times. Despite numerous natural disasters, 911, Hurricanes, Wildfires across the west, floods, Ice...

COVID – 19 Beyond the Masks and Face Shields

COVID – 19 Beyond the Masks and Face Shields There are very important things that is being initiated by various levels of government on the acute care side to have the relevant resources accessible such as ventilators, medications, PPE and tubing ready to support and...


Path to Goal Zero: Shifting the Business of Recycling to Waste Mitigation The solution proposed by regulators and recyclers are based on managing waste and continuing with recycling. Regional and municipal recycling costs are constantly increasing and not efficient....

Organizations that operate with transparency and open communication have inherent advantages when faced with a global crisis like COVID-19. We are in uncharted territory and this is very clear, organizations can no longer operate in silos.

- Scott Donachie

CEO, Companies for Zero Waste

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