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Accelerating The Great Transformation to a Circular Resource Based Global Economy
Re-design resource lifecycles so that materials are reused, making waste a valuable commodity. Discarded materials become assets that are recycled back into nature or to the marketplace.
Larger profit margins, smaller environmental impact. To achieve this we must align people, nature and emerging technologies.
That is what we do.

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Shifting From a Supply-Driven Economy
to a Demand-Driven Economy

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What value do start-ups add?

With a flurry of new technologies coming to market to mitigate waste and optimize resources understanding what value these start-ups can add is imperative. In such context, CZW has found that Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) those with a particularly high importance to...

Organizations that operate with transparency and open communication have inherent advantages when faced with a global crisis like COVID-19. We are in uncharted territory and this is very clear, organizations can no longer operate in silos.

- Scott Donachie

CEO, Companies for Zero Waste

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