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Zero Waste East includes the highest level attendees including CEOs, policymakers and investors to forge new relationships, cement existing ones and do some real deals! 

Zero Waste Summits

Invitation-only events driven by pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings between the most senior level decision-makers from government, corporations, NGOs, waste experts and investors. Our events provide thought provoking roundtable and panel discussions. The outcome are focused knowledge exchange, high-level relationship building and increased brand awareness and  investment opportunities.

“I made many valuable contacts at the meeting, including Scott Donachie the CEO/ Founder of Companies for Zero Waste and look forward to working with many of them on-going.

 I learned a lot about the composting efforts in cities large and small.  These efforts are key to our strategy for circular product design.

Food and facilities were good and public transportation access was great!

I look forward to a future conference to assess progress toward a circular economy and zero waste.”

Martin Wolf

Director, Sustainability & Authenticity at Seventh Generation, Inc.

“Zero Waste East provided productive insights and discussions on the challenges and opportunities to turn waste into a resource. While it may seem daunting, it is possible if we work together.”

Bridget Anderson

Commissioner Recycling and Sustainability

NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY)

“Zero Waste East has emerged at the right place at the right time as we need to seriously re-imagine our relationship with waste. It brings together all of the right people with topical conversations that will leave you inspired and ready to change the world.”

Tom Szaky

CEO and founder of TerraCycle

“Zero Waste East was an exceptional gathering of public and private sector professionals from highly diverse backgrounds with a common passion for a more sustainable planet.  Sincere congratulations to Scott and his team for effectively connecting people and companies striving toward the goal of zero waste and a circular economy.  This conference represented  a strong beginning toward establishing a cooperative network of change-agents.”

Gary Sondermeyer

Vice President of Operations Bayshore Family of Companies

Former Chief of Staff  New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Zero Waste East Roundtable Discussions

December 5, 2019

3rd Space

142 Lafayette Street
Newark, New Jersey 07105



  • Zero Waste best practices for developers, tenants, landlords, haulers and building managers in the North East.
  • Designing green infrastructure must include the return of water to its original water source.
  • New IRS Tax Benefits for 2020 are coming -Reduce overall building project expenses through avoided purchase/disposal costs, and the donation of recovered materials to qualified 501(c)(3) charities, which provides tax benefits. 
  • From permitting to operational,  when is the right time to invest in projects? 
  • Are capital markets designed to take on investing risks into clean energy?
  • There is urgency in finding the means to manage municipal wastes, Waste-to-energy could pose a practical solution if scaled correctly. 
  • Investors need clear models since traditional capital markets are not designed to take on risk.
  • What successful Public-Private Partnerships look like.


Clare Miflin, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Clare Miflin, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Certified Passive House Designer, Certified Biomimicry Professional

Tony Schifano

Tony Schifano

Founder, President & CEO of Antos Environmental, a mission-driven corporation that drives environmental initiatives in industry throughout the world.

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December 2019

Zero Waste Roundtable Discussions

December 5, 2019
Newark, NJ

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Spring 2020

Zero Waste East-2020 Summit

Coming April 2020!
NJIT Newark, NJ

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Five Themes from
First-ever Zero Waste East Conference

Companies For Zero Waste Advisory Services

Waste Challenges Facing Governments and Corporations

The UN has set standards for corporations and organizations to implement processes, educate and transition their employees to sustainability and waste mitigation.

The cost of waste is steadily increasing, organizations are throwing out excess material as waste, as a result they are throwing out money with the trash.

The general public perception, policymakers and rating agencies are adding pressure at an exponential rate. Companies will need to provide transparency and adapt quickly to stay ahead of regulation and social changes.

Companies for Zero Waste advises and educates on sustainability, modernization and resource optimization to zero waste.

We enable organization staff, partners and external stakeholder transition to sustainability and resource optimization across the value chain to increase profitability, mitigate waste and  environmental harm.


Zero Waste Goals

Wherever an organization is on the journey to waste diversion and prevention, Companies for Zero Waste is equipped to help with a comprehensive suite of tailored advisory and educational programs.

We identify opportunities in your supply chain to prevent waste and enable sustainable practices throughout your enterprise.

We accomplish this through informed purchasing, operational changes, linking information for informed decisions and shifting employee cognitive behaviors and taking on resouce optimization initiatives.

The development, implementation and the execution of an appropriate zero waste program include elements such as employee awareness, engagement and education for waste mitigation for tangible benefits.

Contact us today for a detailed analysis of your organization’s needs.

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